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November 5, 2016

We pay the price…but don’t count the cost!!

It’s a another dreaded Monday morning, stuck in traffic and wondering why am I still here? Then your mind begins to wander and you realize you are no where near where you wanted to be at this point in your life? How many times have all of us been here? People get up, brush their teeth and do the usual morning routine. Get into the car, drive the same route, to a job that drains them rather then filling them with passion. Then come home, sit in front of the TV, watching other people live out their dreams, then go to bed, only to repeat it the next day Friends this is called paying the price of getting by…. There are millions of people doing this day in and day out. Not to mention all of the stress of wondering how you are going to pay the bills, whether or not you are going to even have a job next month. The sad thing is people don’t even realize how much they are paying for a dead end life But take a look at it from a different point of view… When we start looking at the price we are paying just to get by, we realize it is costing us our dreams, hopes, aspirations and ultimately our lives. It has been awhile since I wrote my last article, because there have been a lot of things life presented me I didn’t expect. And during this time I learned and […]
November 5, 2016

Do you really want to live like your life depends on it?

Ever have someone pass away and you didn’t get to say the things you wanted to say before they left this world? Or have someone say “You take life to serious; you need to lighten up and live a little.” Or heard one of your buddies say, “Ah heck you can to that tomorrow, lets go and watch the game” and tomorrow never comes and your idea or dream just drifts away? Trust me my friend I have too… It’s when we look inside we begin to see we are all not that different in a very unique way. One of our deepest desires is to be accepted by our peers. But we never look at how our environment is affecting us. I am sure you have heard the quote, “Either learn to control self, or you will be controlled by self.” It is so true, but unfortunately most are not even aware they have a choice to change their lives’ Will take a journey with me?… But before we go down this path, I need to let you know today is my 45th birthday. The reason I share that is because every year when I have another birthday I reflect on my life, and ask the question “Am I becoming more of the person I want to be?” Because today when I asked myself that question, I didn’t expect the answer I got, but we won’t get into that just yet, let’s start our journey Remember there is always […]
November 5, 2016

Do You Know What Education is Really Teaching?

You are in a deep sleep having a great dream where all is Utopia, when you begin to notice a faint buzz that doesn’t belong to this scene. The buzzing is getting loader, to the point of becoming a nerve piercing squeal. When suddenly, it occurs to you this unbearable noise is your alarm clock screeching at you to wake up. Slowly in a fog like consciousness, you lift your arm and aimlessly drop it, trying to hit the snooze button. Hoping you can have just a few more minutes of rest to help you face another dismal day at the job. Again, your alarm starts to screech as you slowly pull yourself up and place your feet on the floor. Does this sound like a familiar scene in your life? It is a vision that most can relate to, because it is what our colleges are teaching. They all teach get a good job and retire. I have to admit, at one time this system worked. But not today!!! They are still teaching a system that doesn’t provide the security it did generations ago. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against formal education. I don’t agree with having to pay for a college course to learn information I will never use. Most of what I have learned about making money has been from the books I chose to study and the mentors who spoke into my life. I wish the educational system would teach empowering students to live […]
November 3, 2016

7 Secret Network Marketing Business tips

Do you know why it is called a network marketing business? Because it is a marketing business, not a promoting one. How are you getting prospects? Attracting or chasing them? This article is going to reveal 7 strategies to help you market you as a business. It will teach that you represent companies, you are not a representative of any particular company. Pay close attention, because these lost secrets are powerful when implemented the right way. Implement these 7 Network Marketing Business Building Strategies 1. Expose the network marketing business nobody knows: What are you really in the business of? Helping others? How are you helping them? Say it in a way no one else is. You sell the sizzle, not the steak. 2. Be the expert to lead them: Position yourself as the authority in your particular niche. Be able to answer any question. Become a professional problem solver 3. Speak in parables: Facts tell, stories sell. Testimonies are the most powerful way to get people to see themselves joining your network marketing business 4. Challenge them to take the higher road: Paint a picture of what it would be like to live a higher quality of life. 5. The Most Important Secret: You have to believe in yourself and what you are selling. Otherwise they will pick up on it. If you don’t believe, why not? 6. Be the greatest servant: What determines how much we get, is the value we give. 7. Be a lifetime student: Constantly […]