Jeff Faldalen is an entrepreneur, author, trainer, speaker and coach, board certified in NLP, Timeline Therapy ™ and Hypnosis. He is the creator of The Prospecting Funnel and founder of California Success Coaching. He has shared the stage with Dr. Stan Harris, Kandee G. , “Basketball Bill” Chaffin, Tawana Williams, James “Bone Crusher” Smith and many other high profile marketers. With over 23 years of recovery and self development, he has an extensive understanding and knowledge of breaking through binding beliefs. With his passion, creativity and unique style he has the ability to help people see past debilitating limitations.

With 37 plus years of entrepreneurship, he is able to see opportunity in almost anything. After 20 years experience of internet marketing, he truly understands leverage and how to deliver value in ways most haven’t considered. He has been involved in many type of marketing since 1993. He has trained many marketing companies and thoroughly enjoys introducing people to more possibilities

His fascination and love for entrepreneurship began at the very young of age of 10. When he discovered he enjoyed doing things that made other people’s lives better.

Now if this was the course he stayed on, his life would have turned out much different. His younger live is paved with many challenges, where he discovered his determination for a better life. By the age of 12 he was a drug addicted, alcoholic and was headed down a very rough path. While always being able to make money, the other aspects of his life were in shambles. After barely graduating high school, in 1985 he was involved in a near fatal car accident. This was one the most pivotal points in his life. During his year of physical recovery, he began his quest of self discovery.

He started college to become an art teacher, which later turned into a bachelor in fine arts, with a focus in jewelry design and photography. While attending college he had another significant relationship end, which become another moment of truth, and committed his life to another level of discovery. He entered a twelve step program in 90', gave up drugs and alcohol completely and began a 7 year examination in intense therapy.

After getting clean, in 92' he began his career in retail jewelry and worked up to management in a very short time. Here he was able to achieve a new level of success, but was not able to maintain it. After managing a store for a year, he decided to step down and finish his college degree. This is another moment of truth were he discovered marketing, the internet, NLP and the magic of leverage.

He started a jewelry marketing company, an internet business and a vending company all at the same time. After finishing his degree, he returned to retail jewelry, sold his vending business and continued to develop his career and possibilities. In 98' he took a job as a jewelry designer for a Gold Mining company in Ca. Little did he know this was going to be another moment of truth.

After being hired by the gold mining company, he discovered they had a dormant website, a challenge that would forever change the course of his life. He began marketing this site and had great success. In 99' he was offered a position at another jewelry company, he couldn't refuse.

The next three years, while working for the jewelry company, at night he would develop websites for his own jewelry designs. It was during this time he found a mentor and a business partner who believed in his vision. After building his own jewelry company on the side for 2 years he reached his goal and was able to quit to corporate world and go out on his own. It was Oct. of 03' when he took charge of his own destiny. His online jewelry business went on to do millions in sales. Thinking he had arrived, through unbeknownst circumstances his multi million dollar online business ended in one night.

Being equipped with persistence, he started a wholesale jewelry repair/design company. During this time he met his wife and decided to move closer to her. He opened a jewelry store and continued online marketing. It was during this time he found his real passion. Teaching and empowering others to live at their fullest potential.

With a new discovered passion, he sold his jewelry business to focus all his energy on marketing, coaching and training. Within a year, he was networking with coaches and very successful marketers. They began commissioning him to do training for marketing companies and developed online courses to help people succeed at online. During his trainings he started to attract coaching clients. People would ask him to coach them.

Then in Feb 09' he got his first speaking engagement and launched The Prospecting Funnel. Since then, his passion for teaching and empowering others has been his commitment, focus and purpose.

Continuing to follow his path in June of 2013 he became board certified in Coaching, Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Time Line Thearpy™ and Hypnosis.

Jeff Faldalen has spent his life, ferociously searching for any nugget that will contribute to a higher quality of life. His vast understanding of how our minds operate gives him the ability to unlock hidden potential in those seeking to improve their life

Why you want to work with me?…. This is what others have experienced and have to say….

Let's talk about Jeff Faldalen! Specifically let's talk about Jeff as a marketing coach and mentor! There are two things that I believe are vital when you go shopping for a coach. The coach has got to be "worth their salt", i. e. they have to have to have been there and done that; they must understand the industry and know how to negotiate it and profit within it. They also must be passionate about what they do and inspire passion in others. Where Jeff is concerned, YES to all of the above. Jeff is a veteran in the world of marketing. In the nine months that I have known and worked with him it was clear to me that he possessed a vast knowledge and understanding of the marketing world. His resources were vast and he was willing to share them freely. I have been continually inspired by Jeff's passion for both marketing and his coaching clients. From Jeff I learned to dig deeper than I ever have and to expect more from myself that I ever thought possible. Trust me, you can't go wrong hooking up with Jeff Faldalen!'

Lindy Diffenbaugh

I have felt frustrated,discouraged and down right angry with the results I had with my MLM business. That has all changed now. I have the opportunity to be mentored by no other than Jeff Faldalen. My outlook on my business has changed 360. He has the knowledge, the experience and professionalism to take you to unlimited growth in your business. I have found that he is no other than the best when it comes to attraction marketing and he is proof it works!

Denise Riviat

As the saying goes "it's not what you know, it's who you know, they'll tell you what you want to know" rings so true. We met Jeff Faldalen as a presenter on a training we attended, his personality, detailed explanation and passion for personal growth proved that he had to be OUR mentor. In just a few weeks of Jeff's guidance, inspiration and training we have moved off center and are growing personally and professionally.

Bob and Kimber Cook

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