Life isn’t always what we think it is
November 5, 2016

How to Live in Your Fullest Potential

What does it mean to live in your potential? How do we know what our potential is? Just by asking these question, we will start unlocking incredible possibilities by igniting something in us that wants to strive beyond what we think is our norm.
We all have a comfort zone, in different areas of our lives. So, the more we push to the edge of what is comfortable for us, we begin to unravel some of the greatest discoveries for ourselves. In order to keep growing, you have to keep pushing that edge. You have to keep discovering what is that next thing. And every time you push beyond the existing comfort zone, you will be creating a new comfort zone and learning to become more familiar with how we evolve.
This process of stretching is usually consistence with preceded by challenge, frustration, doubt, confusion, a lot of things. And depending on how in touch we are with ourselves, we can actually feel this wall of resistance inside of us. And the harder we push into it, at some point it will release. And when it does, we will have a whole new level of understanding.
When we are pushing through the process, there is always going to be new parts of you come up. And if we trust going through the process, we know at some point, we are going to come to the other side and be stronger. But, while going through this journey, it’s really important to focus on where we want go. And when we recognize we are off course, look beyond the distraction and keep going.
So ask yourself, “what if I stepped into my fullest potential?”. And realize this; our comfort zone is nothing more than an illusion. An illusion that wants to keep you stuck.
Here is another question to consider. What do you want the meaning of your life to be? Imagine being at your own funeral and experiencing what the people are sharing about you. What do you want them to be saying about you? And then look at yourself, lying there in casket and ask did you live and reach the things you aspired to do in life or did you hold back a little bit, or maybe a lot.
When it all comes down to it, people don’t remember what you say, people remember how you made them feel. The reason for this is emotions are such so powerful and if we learn how to utilize them, they will guide us and then incredible possibilities happen. We must stop looking at emotions as good or bad, and we start looking at them as indicators for something going on much deeper within ourselves. Think of the dashboard in your car. Which has these little red lights that are called idiot lights. And they come on when something needs attention. They are there to idiot proof what you car needs to run effectively. Well, what if we looked at our emotions like that? And when we do, we can start seeing when we’re getting to the edge of that comfort zone. Because when we start feeling those feelings, rather than stopping and backing away from the emotion, what if we pushed in to it? What if we really just pushed into see what’s on the other side and discovered new possibilities?
If we look at it like a balloon and that balloon stretches and stretches and stretches and it hits a threshold. And the tighter that balloon gets, it’s like you prick that balloon, and it just pops and sometimes it just pops and you don’t even know where it went. That’s the threshold. That’s a neurological threshold if we look at it that way.
So, press in to the things that are uncomfortable. Search, dig, find out what it is inside of you. Because sometimes that uncomfortable feeling is something that is ready to be released. And once it is released, we have another level of awareness.
Keep asking yourself what is my potential?

What is it that I want to make out of my life?
We can do so much more with our lives if we start asking more of life. If we start asking more of ourselves.

Until next time, live… like your life depends on it, because it does

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