Do You Know What Education is Really Teaching?

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November 3, 2016
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November 5, 2016

Do You Know What Education is Really Teaching?

You are in a deep sleep having a great dream where all is Utopia, when you begin to notice a faint buzz that doesn’t belong to this scene. The buzzing is getting loader, to the point of becoming a nerve piercing squeal. When suddenly, it occurs to you this unbearable noise is your alarm clock screeching at you to wake up.

Slowly in a fog like consciousness, you lift your arm and aimlessly drop it, trying to hit the snooze button. Hoping you can have just a few more minutes of rest to help you face another dismal day at the job. Again, your alarm starts to screech as you slowly pull yourself up and place your feet on the floor.

Does this sound like a familiar scene in your life? It is a vision that most can relate to, because it is what our colleges are teaching. They all teach get a good job and retire. I have to admit, at one time this system worked. But not today!!! They are still teaching a system that doesn’t provide the security it did generations ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against formal education. I don’t agree with having to pay for a college course to learn information I will never use. Most of what I have learned about making money has been from the books I chose to study and the mentors who spoke into my life.

I wish the educational system would teach empowering students to live to their fullest potential and deal with more of life issues. Like how to persevere when the chips are down or mastering disappointment so we don’t give up on our dreams at the first sign of adversity. We need to able stand in the heat of battle when fighting for our dreams.

How does one do that? Where can we look to be empowered or to have a more realistic perception of what it means to have a seven figure business? I believe one of the most important items we need in our life developing arsenal, is a mentor and a system who has trudged the road before us.

You might be asking how I know this. Well I was the guy I wrote about in the beginning of the article. I was in a job that I really didn’t like. It wasn’t so much I didn’t like what I was doing, but rather, it wasn’t what I really desired.
When I started to think about what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I believed I wanted to design and make jewelry. Well I did it for over twenty years and I was no closer to my financial dreams, then when I started. So I started to look at the passion I had so long ago and given up on. It was to be a successful internet marketer.

How I did that is the most amazing part of this story. You see, I began to search for online academies that would teach me the skills I would need to have success on the net. Friends, life is about finding out what our potential is. It is not about getting by day by day hoping things will change on their own.
Folks, I am telling you, don’t listen to what you know, listen to that dream in your heart of who you would like to become.

If you have had a similar experience, or would like to know how to start making your dreams a reality, then be sure to leave a comment. Be sure to share with others, who know there difference you can make in someone’s life

Wishing you all the success,
Jeff Faldalen
Creator of The Prospecting Funnel

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