Steve Jobs life and what it can mean for you

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November 3, 2016

Steve Jobs life and what it can mean for you

Steve Jobs life has impacted people in all sorts of ways. Since his death, there have been countless medias exposing everything aspect of his life. Ranging from extreme greatness, to a tyrant who was very difficult as a boss. But there was one particular article that caught my eye and blew me away. The title was “Steve Job was a jerk, good for him” and what surprised my even more was its a Forbes article. As I read it, I had all kind of thoughts running around my head. One that stuck out, was how could someone say “he deserved to die” after all Jobs has done for humanity?

This is the reality of it…
t doesn’t matter what people write, say or believe about Steve Jobs, what does matter is what you believe. Do you see him as a genius that changed the entire computer, music and phone industry? A rich jerk, like all successful businessmen? A tyrant: because he demanded perfection? Or a man, who was adopted, dropped out of college, followed his heart and vision and changed the world?

Why is it important to you?

The reason these questions are crucial is because they give us insight into who we are. See our lives are a reflection of who we are. And our thoughts define our destiny. I know this sounds like psychobabble but by the time you are done reading this, it might allow you to have the paradigm shift that will change everything for you.

Here is an example of what I mean

I grew up in a very poor family, which taught me rich people where bad. They were selfish, not to be trusted and stepped on people. As like all children, I wanted to be accepted by my parents, so I took on those beliefs. My parents thought they were victims of circumstances and were destined to worry about money the rest of the lives. Of course, when I started to become successful I would sabotage it. Then one day I had a break through that changed my relationship with money forever. See I was becoming the person my parents despised and I realized money was always more important then me. At least, this was the excuse they used to justify their behavior. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “we don’t have the money”

How do you think this effected success?

Well I use to think it didn’t have anything to do with it, until I was exposed to a course that made me look at my relationship with money. See, people aren’t broke because of the economy; they are broke because of their philosophy of money. I am living proof.

Now I have laid the foundation, lets get real.

When I heard Steve Jobs passed, or when anyone who has made a difference in the world passes, I start to question what is going to be my legacy. I would encourage you to do the same. How do you want to be remembered? You can choose to see Steve Jobs like the man that wrote the article “Good for Him” or you can see the greatness he represents. Which ever you choose is going to define your life. If you want to be successful, study what successful people do and emulate it.

Don’t deny what you were created for…

I would encourage you to listen to Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address. Here is a man who redesigned how this world operates. And yet, he was adopted, dropped out of college, fired from the company he created and still built an eco system. This is what legends do. When he was fired, he purchased two companies, Next Technology and Pixar. Both of which weren’t worth much at the time. And because he was such a visionary and loved to tell stories he went on to create one of the most successful animation movies ever “Toy Story”. Then turned around and sold Pixar to Disney for 7.4 billion dollars.

What did his legacy mean to you?

Was Steve Jobs a perfect man? Is anyone? He was a man that was rejected a birth and through out his life and still overcame. Because he loved what he did. He lived by no one else’s rules. He wanted to take complicated products and make them simple. This is what drove him to work 100 hour weeks.

This is his greatest achievement to this world

He was a man who reinvented products and marketed them in a way, people didn’t want them, they felt they couldn’t live with out the product. To be successful in marketing, you have to find a niche and provide a solution to a problem. He created the niche in three of the biggest industries in the world and dominated. His life represents what any one single person can do, is how I chose to see his legacy. He lived his motto, “Live hungry and Live Foolish.” What is your motto for life?

I would love to hear your thoughts on what Steve Jobs life meant to you and then pass this message on.

Wishing you success,

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