Promote your site with Comment Luv

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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016

Promote your site with Comment Luv

CommentLuv is one of the best ways to promote your site. Not only does it bring people to your blog, but it is a great way for you to brand yourself as an expert in any niche. It took me a while to really understand the power for commenting on other people’s post, then I started to see the hits it generated.

The other great benefit in following and commenting on blogs is you get to learn great strategies from others about blogging. This is how I found a gold nugget that literally opened the heaven’s for me. It is a plug in call CommentLuv.

Now you might be asking, how is commenting on other people’s site going to promote my blog? Well if you weren’t wondering, I was when someone told me this strategy. Now I have seen the light, there are a few tactics you have to implement in order to get the full bang for your time.

The first thing you have to do is go and get a gravtar and upload a photo of yourself, so it will show up on every comment you make. I would suggest it represents the kind of people you want coming to your site. Another little technique I have found makes my photo really stand out is have it be high contrast. For example; a dark shirt with a white back ground.

Now you’re ready to start to promote your site. Of course, you want to do keyword research, so you can get some search engine love. And make sure your title is a catchy one, because this is what everyone will see when you are commenting on other blogs. So now write a post about what ever your niche is, publish it and here is where the magic begins. By the end of this you will see the incredible power of what I am telling you and I am also going to provide you with an unbelievable resource of top rated sites that use CommentLuv for you to comment on.

Ok, so you now you are ready to start commenting, but I am going to share some awesome little tools this plug-in offers, because if you think this is good, it just got a lot better. They have a new version with the following features:

  • It has 7 plugins 1: CommentLuv, Keyword Name, which is similar to Keyword Luv, GASP an awesome spam filter, and TwitterLink, are the 4 major ones.
  • Social media sharing: now your readers can share your content on their social media’s and get the option to choose from 10 of your posts
  • Link Building: say you don’t have 10 posts yet, you can pick the five posts you want to have more link juice.
  • Brand Yourself More: This one blew me away. The little red heart next CommentLuv now allows you to write a bio about yourself to entice readers to come to your blot.
  • And many more amazing features.

Well you are locked and loaded, ready to start promoting your site. One of the blogs I follow very closely and recommend you do the same has provided a list of a ton of sites that have a PR of 2 or more and support CommentLuv. Please do not abuse this and go spamming everyone. Google loves people paying it forward and pays attention to the blogs that do the same, so please respect this great resource

Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe has just published an amazing list of blogs – great resource for finding new quality blogs to comment on, build relationships, and quality one way links.

If you are interested in finding our more strategies on generating traffic, blogging or marketing, be sure to opt in to my newsletter and I always appreciate you leaving your comments below. It helps both of us

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