How to get free traffic to your blog in 4 simple step

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November 3, 2016
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How to get free traffic to your blog in 4 simple step

How to get free traffic to your blog really isn’t rocket science. Of course, if you don’t know how, it may seem that way. But by the end article you will see, not only are these steps simple to follow, they are easy to implement. Everyone is always searching for ways to get more, but there are a few things I have to make very clear. You can get hords of traffic, but if its not the right kind, you might as well hang it up. Basically, you are never going to sell meat to a vegetarian. What I am going to show is quality is where the sweet spot is.

The most impressive tool since the beginning of the web, is Word Press. Now I am not going to get into all the details of setting up a blog, just saying, “if you don’t have one, get one.” If you need to learn more about putting together a blog, then check out my marketing school, then come back and read this article. From here on out, I am going to assume you have a Word Press blog.

Now let’s get into how to make this a traffic generation machine. These are the exact steps I follow every single time, like clock work.

Step One in getting free traffic is to write a post or page. But before you do this, you will need to do a little keyword research. This is fairly straight forward. Go to Google, type in keyword tool and the first link should be their free keyword tool. Start typing in words that pertain to your niche. Your also want to make sure phrase match is checked on the left side. You are looking for words with around 2500+ global searches.

Now you found some keywords, you can start to write your post. I write the first draft in word, so I have a physical copy and then will copy and paste it into notepad, because Word does the goffy things. There are endless strategies on SEO, but I will give you some basics. Put your keyword in the front part of your title. As for your title, think about what your prospects are looking for. “How to” is probably the most searched term on the web. Create a title that makes the want to click the link. The length of the post is another subject for debate. I like to make mine around 500-700 words. This give me lots of opportunity to use my keyword. Also be sure your first sentence starts out with your keyword phrase and use different variations about every 100 words. Once you written your article, copy is from notepad and past it into your post and publish it.

Step Two to get free traffic to your blog is to make a video about your article. There are a few different ways you can do this. Depending on if you are comfortable in front of a camera or not, you can record you desktop and read your post while recording. Another alternative is to do a power point of your article. Although I always encourage people to make videos of themselves, because it gets you out of your comfort zone and people trust you more.

Ok, this is very important step.

First you want to name your video file the same as your keyword. There are lots of different video sites, just Google it. Once you found some and ready to upload your video. Each site is going to have a different uploading procedure, but all of them are going to have a title, description box and keywords. You want to title your video the same as your post, then take the link of the post and past it into the description box, which allows you to write about the content of the video, write an enticing description and through in some keywords.

Now its about to get fun

Now you have a link for a post and a link for a video of the post. I will copy and past both of these links on notepad, where the article is. Also do the same with the keywords, so you can use them for the next step

Step three to get free traffic is to create an article from your post. The difference with an article is you can’t have internal links, but you get to use them in the bio box. Go back to Google and search for article directories. You might want to rewrite some of the post before posting it in each article directory so it doesn’t look like duplicate content. There is software that will do this for you. Now go back and get the two links for the post and the video because you are going to put them in the author bio box. I would look at some expert authors on different article directories to see how they word there boxes. Basically you want people to click on the links. This is a great way to create backlinks.

This last step teaches and promotes you at the same time

Step four to get free traffic to your blog is make sure you have the CommentLuv plug-in installed and then start posting on blogs that are in your niche. Not only do you get to learn different strategies from other bloggers, but you get to leave a comment that brands you and also CommentLuv shows a clickable link back to your original post. This is one of the most powerful strategies out there and very few are using it

Now for the biggest secret of all

Consistency is the name of the game. I would strive to write at least a few post a week. There are people who have done this for 90 days straight and are now the biggest distributors in their company. These strategies work, only if you apply them
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