How to build self-confidence like Real Steel

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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016

How to build self-confidence like Real Steel

How to build self-confidence to be like real steel is understanding how we think.

Have you ever been at a party talking to someone, and in walks Mr. Joe Stud and everyone gravitates towards him, leaving you wonder what just happened. Or you had that high school sweet heart you always wanted to ask out, but never had the never and now you are wondering the rest of your life what if. Well my friend by the time you are done reading the article you will feel like a lot more confident in who you are.

Do you realize the longer wait to start building your self-esteem, the more difficult is becomes. If you have huge aspirations of making something big of your life, your low self-esteem is going to stop you every time.

Our lives are the direct results of what we think. So what does that look like? If you have been told you are a loser most of your life, you have become patterned to believe that thought and will do everything you can to avoid experiencing looking like one. So all your dreams and aspirations never gets pursued for two reasons. The first, you don’t believe you can achieve it, so you will not take the chance or self sabotage it. The second is touching one of our greatest needs, which is the feeling of significance. If we mess up, we will be a loser and everyone will call us a loser. And we fulfill our own prophecy with out knowing.

Does any of this sound familiar?

There are countless factors contributing to having low self-esteem, of which we are not going to spend any time on. It’s not what happens to us that determines our future, but how we respond to it. You are going to learn how to respond in an empowering way

Ready to start feeling like a rock star?

The first step in learning how to build self-confidence like reel steel is we have to take full responsibility for our lives. Why? Because we are the one who is going to spend the rest of our lives with forever. We have to stop playing the blame game. I know there are tragedies happening every day most people can’t comprehend. As long as we blame anyone for our misery, they are controlling us.

Taking full responsibility means getting rigorously honest with ourselves. Do an inventory of all your weaknesses and strengths. Then start looking at the weaknesses and asking why you have them. Most of the things people have been told are lies from someone who didn’t believe in him or herself.

So what do you do with inventory?
Great question. Now you are starting to understand who you are and why your behaviors have lead you down the wrong path, you will start to see people in an entirely different light. Now you have some insight and can start asking yourself, what is it you really want to do. If failure weren’t an option, what would you want to achieve in life.

The second step in developing self-confidence of reel steel is start developing the skill you desire to master. Start reading books, listening and watching everything you can and go to every seminar available. A great place to start is searching on the Internet. The old cliché garbage in, garbage out is very true with your thoughts. If you want your thoughts to become successful ones, then study what success looks like. Most people quit because they put unrealistic expectations on success, get frustrated and walk away saying, “See I told you so” Don’t be a victim with poverty mind set. Make today your declaration for a new life

The third and last step of mastering how to build self-confidence is understanding what fear really is. Fear is a self-protective mechanism God instilled in us to protect us when needed. Not as an excuse to let your dreams go south. And fear is all about you. It’s about what people are going to think of you. Well what’s more important, your dream or what others think of you? Get around people and environments that support big thinking. If you have a product, service, idea, business or a piece of art don’t let it be about you. True entrepreneurs are people who learn to serve the masses. Don’t deny any the opportunity to know you. It not only denies you of not knowing them, but it denies them knowing the only you on this entire planet

If you have been inspired by this post, leave a comment and pass it on. You never know who’s live it will effect

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